The barrel deslimers

The barrel deslimers type SFB are machines projected for the washing of material very dirty. The material that need wash dragged forward with blades that  arranged in helicoidal-form in the barrel and thanks to washing effectued in counter-current the system is able to ensure a total disintegration of the material, included the hard impurity in the aggregate. The machine consisting of a barrel in steel that it turned with 4 groups of tyres and of tyres in the central anel that guide and hinder barrel’s axial-movements. The rotatory motion of the barrel is transmit with a oversized double motor-reducer group in oil bath, with hydraulic joint and the pendular reducer through transmission with trapezoidal belts between the hydraulic joint and the pendular reducer. The lined with wear-resistant metal sheet so its maintenance and replacement is quick and easy. Sturdy machine held to the base by two simple, yet stout longitudinal members so the installation of the machine is very easy.

The barrel deslimers



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