Bucket recovery and dewatering machinery

The bucket recovery and dewatering machine is used for the recovery of sands. The machine comprises a decantation basin in which a wheel with  perforated buckets and an Archimedean screw rotate. A special spillways system, located on the opposite side of the load, allows a slow and calm discharge of [&hellip


The barrel deslimers

The barrel deslimers type SFB are machines projected for the washing of material very dirty. The material that need wash dragged forward with blades that  arranged in helicoidal-form in the barrel and thanks to washing effectued in counter-current the system is able to ensure a total disintegration of the material, [&hellip


Sand preparation units with hydrocyclone

The sand preparation units with hydrocyclone have been conceived and produced for washing, screening, drying and the recovery of sand in the pulp that formed with the washing-process of aggrgate. The cycle of work represented in picture. The pulp composed of water, sand, silt, lime and filler, introduced in the [&hellip


Hydraulic separator for light materials

The hydraulic separator for light materials is used to separate the gravel from impurities, such as wood and plastic parts and other light materials. The High-pressure water jets point at the material flowing down in the opposite direction, while separating the different kind of materials according to their different specific [&hellip




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