Primary crusher for mobile units Mod. FP L

Primary crushers with monolithic case for mobile units. Support legs are adjustable depending on the demand. This crusher has reversible jaws. FP L – primary crushers in a single piece and monolithic or welded case, adapted for mobile installations, maintaining the same characteristics of the FP model. Adjustment is performed through [&hellip


Primary crusher for fixed installations mod. FP

FP 65,82,105 – primary crusher with a pressure board, with reversible cogged jaws in a single piece, ideal for breaking hard material. The case is removable and the adjustment necessary for compensating the wear of jaws or for changing the dimension of the finished product can be performed through hydraulic pistons, [&hellip


Crusher with removable heavy case Mod. FG, FG P

FG – cruseher with reversible jaws and removable heavy case, appropriate for breaking compact materials. FG P – crusher with reversible jaws and removable heavy case. Due to the enlarged loading hatch it is ideal to be used for primary breaking, before breakers with secondary or tertiary hammers


Crusher with jaws Mod. FG RL, FG L, FG PL

FG RL – grainer with short jaw, cogged or stripped, jaws that generally are not reversible. FG L – grainer with monolithic or welded case, built for mobile installations, either due to its low weight or because it can be assembled depending on necessity. FG PL – grainer with reversible jaws and welded [&hellip




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